Welcome to Panaji Indian Restaurant & Take Away

You can find a tantalizing range of authentic Indian food at Panaji.
Every meal is designed to tantalize your taste buds with mouth-watering flavours. We at Panaji strive to let you experience the fiery heat of India or the delicious spices of the Indian culture.

The vision was to create an authentic Indian food experience that can be brought to the comfort of your home, with a range of 35 different flavours, prepared to order, giving the customer vegetarian and non vegetarian options, with a choice of mild, medium , hot or extra hot in terms of strength of the heat . Panaji at the same time aims to compete with the other leading fast food brands.

The menu includes a range of Kormas, Kadaiís , Vindaloos, Makani (butter), Jalfrezi, etc as well as delectable Vegetarian options and tantalising pork and beef options in selected outlets. The cuisine is internationally renowned and further refined to the perfection that Panaji strives for.

The recipes and the flow of operation was created and designed by Bala and Sasi Gangiah, coming from an engineering/project and Food Service Management background. With the first outlet now opened, entrepreneurs may apply for owner operated outlets.

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