Durban North

Panaji on Kensington

Finally Panaji Restaurant and Take away has come to Durban North. This is a lovely outdoor cafe come fine dining restaurant, Panaji Specializes in Indian Fusion Cooking, at the same time maintaining most Authentic Indian Specialties. The venue can be used for presentations, family and business functions. Buffets, table buffets and take away catering can be arranged to suite your requirements.

*New* Low Carb Low Fat Menu
Includes Vegan Options

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Durban Bluff

Panaji @ Crossways

The Birth place of PANAJI. This unit started as an experiment and is now the foundation of the Anglo-Indian enterprise. It is a R&D and training center for new branches. It caters to Bluff residents, B&B's, businesses etc in the surrounding areas. This unit has led to the establishment of Panaji Park Lane and Panaji on Kensington




Port Elizabeth

Panaji Park Lane

A new Anglo - Indian enterprise in Port Elizabeth, specializing in delicious London Curries and showing iconic Indian artworks.

Situated in cozy, up market Victorian premises near the historical and world renown St Georges Park Cricket grounds.

Our tranquil and romantic courtyard ambience is very popular with couples who wish to enjoy our superb curries under dimmed lights or lazy afternoons and our inside dining is relaxed and spacious.

Our world class take away is serviced from the same open plan kitchen and is also available as a franchise.